With Over 35 Years Of Field Experience, We Offer The Following:

Historical Preservation

With over a decade in remodeling and upgrading of historical properties, we have the expertise and know-how to restore and maintain the original look and feel with modern amenities. Some of our projects include a mansion/villa in Sherman Oaks, commercial building in Highland Park, and multi-unit buildings in Hollywood and Beverly Hills.



Major Remodeling and  Expansion

As an experienced contractor I was able to see beyond the dilapidated condition and turned these homes into one of the most desirable, highest value home’s in the neighborhood. With the help of our in-house design team, we were able to cleverly convert these homes into amazing living spaces with our crew.


New Choice Contractors is dedicated to providing value-added construction services to our clients by creating a successful partnership throughout the construction process. We specialize in architecturally challenged, complex, and detailed projects.


Tenant Improvements and  Commercial Services

We’ve been in the construction field over 35 years and worked on numerous construction projects throughout Los Angeles, including the Temple Isaiah, Gucci, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, learning centers, Medical offices, and Bao Dim Sum just to name a few.


West Hills - Foundation Repairs

Structural Alteration  / Foundation  Repairs

We bring a wealth of experience in many different settings to each project we undertake and add value through innovative foresight and aggressive performance. We strive to achieve client satisfaction in all areas, including:  timeliness, attention to detail, and fostering a work environment that encourages new creative ideas and growth.


Code Violation Correction  (REAP)

With over 35 years of field experience we have become experts in code compliance and know what it takes to satisfy inspectors and also to assist you get out of REAP.


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