Code Violation Correction (REAP)

 Code Violation Correction and REAP

 How can we help?
With over 35 years of field experience  we have become experts in code compliance and know what it takes to satisfy inspectors and also to assist you get out of REAP.
 What is the purpose of REAP?
The Rent Escrow Account Program is an enforcement tool to encourage landlords to maintain their properties and to bring properties that have existing violations into compliance.

Once in REAP, how do I get my property removed from the program?

Repair ALL cited violations, plus other deficiencies at the property.

A positive report means that LAHD will request the owner to contact their case manager for a final. The owner must make the request because inspection will charge for the site visit.

Inspection may “Sign Off”, meaning the owner has attained compliance from LAHD Case Management.

Once the positive report and compliance is attained, the REAP section will confirm if additional orders exist with Building & Safety, Department of Health Services, and the Fire Department. In addition, your, current DWP bill must be paid. These additional steps are required by the City Ordinance.

When each of the above items are achieved, REAP will recommend to the LA City Council to remove your property from the REAP program, which will take 30 days to formally close.

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