Structural Alterations and Foundation Repairs

Structural Alterations and Foundation Repairs

Dan Moezinia began his construction activity prior to the Northridge Earthquake of 1994, and has been working on structural damage, foundation bolting, and custom remodels since.
After founding New Choice Contractors, he had been working throughout Los Angeles on Multi-units, architecturally challenging projects, and structurally damaged properties.  Dedicated to providing value-added construction services to our clients by creating a successful partnership throughout the construction process.
We bring a wealth of experience in many different settings to each project we undertake and add value through innovative foresight and aggressive performance.  We strive to achieve client satisfaction in all areas, including:  timeliness, attention to detail, and fostering a work environment that encourages new creative ideas and growth.  We pledge to establish lasting relationships by exceeding client expectations and gain their trust through exceptional performance and suggesting alternatives that are quality, cost and time effective in order to satisfy all involved.
After the Northridge Earthquake we worked on numerous projects including the MTA Building renovations and a number of houses in the San Fernando Valley replacing foundation or underpinning.

Northwoods Dr., West Hills, Foundation Repairs

To say this home was in disrepair would be an understatement when we first walked in.  Not only was this home outdated, it had significant financial damage.  After extensive repairs we secured the home and fixed it up ready for resale.  We were very proud with how beautiful this transformation worked out.

219th St., Foundation Repairs in Carson

When inspecting this home we found a crack in the flooring that we could follow throughout the house.  After further investigation we found that it was serious foundation damage.  We fixed the problem then gave the house upgrades it deserved.

Ashland Ave., Santa Monica Condo

We were called into look at roof repairs at this condo complex blocks from the beach in Santa Monica.  After inspection we realized that years of moisture had done a lot of damage to the structure of the building and deck.  We worked hard to get this done quickly and minimize any more damage, the results was a structurally sound building and a beautiful deck.